It’s funny that, with the advent of easy-to-find information, that many people are sure they’re missing something when trying to build a business.

work life balance for entrepreneursI get it, because many of my clients, who are dietitians or coaches, are uncertain how to grow a business, even if they have ALL the resources they could get their hands on.

The missing piece: Business is NOT their area of specialty!

How do you excel at something you have no expertise in, then, such as running a thriving business? Continue reading

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You’re busy. I get it. Everyone is. But does that have to automatically translate to overwhelmed?

how to feel less stressed working from homeNot if you don’t want it to be.

Sure, some people are addicted to the stress that comes from being too busy. In fact, there’s even a TERM for it: Stress Addiction. I don’t want to go into the science of addiction, but suffice it to say it’s the result of neurons that transmit message to the brain to make you feel better. To learn more, go to the University of Utah Science of Addition page.

Although it’s not as common as just a few years ago, some people still wear their busyness and stress as a badge of honor. Continue reading

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With all the potential that social media holds for small businesses, the benefit of taking high-quality, consistent photos is clear. Whether your business requires product shots, behind-the-scene photos, lifestyle shots to communicate your company’s culture, or photos of satisfied customers, make sure your photos stand out.

what to share on facebook business pageHere are a few tips for taking effective photos with your smartphone, and sharing them with your audience. Continue reading

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If you are a dietitian, nutritionist or other health and wellness professional who works with doctors or therapists or any other health professionals who refer in-person clients to you, it’s important to consider them ‘ideal clients.’

how to find referral resources small businessThis means your marketing message must catch their attention. Even if you haven’t sat down and worked through developing the profile of THAT ideal client referral source, it’s not too early to start to put a plan into place for how to contact these potential referral sources. Continue reading

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As a dietitian, nutritionist or wellness coach, you are great at motivating people to get up and get healthy when you are in a one-on-one session. But while you are working with just one individual, a hundred prospective clients are getting advice while still sitting on their couch. From who?

how to target your marketing to your ideal clientA great website.

Health and wellness professionals looking to successfully market their business and recruit new clients should start with a website or blog that shows off their services. Building a website is quick and easy with various website builders or a CMS like WordPress. But if you aren’t sure how to build a website or what to put on it, here’s a list of some of the best nutrition publications to inspire you: Continue reading

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Are you a registered dietitian nutritionist trying to grow a nutrition practice? Do you struggle to get more clients, and aren’t really sure what you’re doing wrong?

how to create a customer survey

I hear this all the time.

Have you identified your ideal client, yet?

Remember, there are several things to keep in mind:

First, if you have more than one ideal client, work through the ENTIRE process with each.

Second, if you take referrals, remember that your referral sources will also need to be considered ‘ideal clients’, so use them to work through the exercises, too.

Assuming you do know who your ideal clients are and what you want to offer, are you REALLY sure that what you will offer is what that ideal client wants? How can you tell?

By asking them! Continue reading

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Health professionals are constantly in the position to motivate clients to improve their health. Frederick Herzberg developed one of the popular theories of needs-based motivation that managers in the business community use quite often, but I’m going to explain how dietitians and nutritionists can use Herzberg’s Theory to improve nutrition and health outcomes. Continue reading

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Are you a dietitian or nutritionist who has been dreaming about starting your own nutrition business? How long have you had those dreams and what are you doing to make them a reality?

how to grow your business and follow your dreamsAs you work through limiting conversations with yourself, consider these qualities and traits that many entrepreneurs and successful leaders have in common. If you are still in the dream stage, see how you can start to take these characteristics to heart and be one of those people who looks back at life with the satisfaction of knowing you ‘went for it’, rather than just continued to have a dream. Since life is so short, there’s no better time than the present to start to take action! Continue reading

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Change is good, right? And the idea of expanding your health and wellness business is definitely exciting. But preparation is key — many nutrition entrepreneurs fail to do their due diligence before making crucial decisions about growth, and it sinks them. Before you even begin planning an expansion, get the lay of the land. Take your time and follow the steps below. It’s the smart way to grow your business. Continue reading

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Everyone is busy. I hear from dietitians and nutritionists all the time about how overwhelmed they are, and there’s no way they have time to stop and smell the roses.

work life balance for entrepreneursAs you might have read we planted a garden for the first time in over 20 years, this spring.

Just recently, I sent a picture of my garden to a friend, and she said, “Now, that looks like a garden tended by a retired person!” But I’m NOT retired, yet I’m still able to spend several hours several days a week in it.

So, I thought, “What makes me different than so many other people?Continue reading

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