Staying organized isn’t always easy, but when you have to deal with health and wellness client data it can become a nightmare. Disorganization can cost you and your enterprise dearly. Corp Magazine notes that more than half of business leaders lose up to nine hours a week due to disorganization.

apps to protect client dataHere are a few tools that could help if you are a registered dietitian or nutritionist looking to migrate all of your data to one place: Continue reading

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Do you sign up for every new course or program that catches your attention?

how to grow your business and follow your dreamsIt’s one of those “shiny object syndrome” things that many people struggle with, today. No wonder people feel so overwhelmed! But why does this happen? And even more important, what can you do about it!?

Sometimes I feel I’m missing something. Or maybe I’m not ambitious enough. Or perhaps I’m ignorantly arrogant thinking I don’t need all these things. Afterall, I am very careful about what I buy: I want to make sure that when I signed up for Patricia Fripp’s VT training, I would commit to a certain amount of time to complete it. And when I just signed up for Josh Turner’s LinkedUniversity program, it was to achieve a very specific goal.

And I AM working on both courses.

Are YOU taking advantage of all the courses, programs or even books you’ve bought in the last year?

It seems that every time I turn around I talk to someone who bought a program or course that they never opened up! Even back in 2011, According to a Commerce Department study, Americans were spending $1.2 TRILLION on things they didn’t need!

And, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2012, the average American spent $51,000.

Holy Cow!

What percentage of that number is from YOU? Have you added up how much YOU spent on things you didn’t need last year? Might not be a bad exercise…

Let’s first look at the reasons people are buying things they don’t need: Continue reading

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Do you want to start a nutrition business but think you have to have a lot of money to do it?

I didn’t back in 1996 when I quite my job as a clinical dietitian and started MEG Fitness! But I had a vision and a determination to become my own boss, and it was the best move I ever made.

bootstrapping to start a new businessBack then, I called myself the queen of bootstrapping. I started my original company with just my time. I was even able to promote my services by writing a free weekly health column and then took advantage of a cheaper alternative to an ad in another newspaper by being featured in their health section.

Technically, bootstrapping means, ‘using a special process to perform a task that one would be unable to do in general.’ Think of it as raising yourself, and your business, up by your own bootstraps.

With any new and small business, especially small nutrition private practices or coaching businesses, chances are you are going to start it with the sweat and tears of your own efforts. You may be in a position where you can quit your ‘day job’ and still pay your bills, but few people are even in a position to do that! So, you must create the plan and vision for your business, and then get it up and running, part-time and with your own finances.

Many people feel this is just too overwhelming a proposition to seriously consider, but I know it can be done, because not only did I do it, but many of my clients have done it, also.

Let’s now look at how you can bootstrap YOUR business into a 6-figure enterprise: Continue reading

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In order to successfully get your nutrition or coaching business up and running, you have to have a plan, and a strategy to make that plan become reality. Working through the difficult and insightful steps to set up that strategy is what will make the difference between your dream continuing to be just a dream or turning that dream into reality.

online marketing strategy for small businessWhen you create a business plan, you create your company mission and vision statements. From there, you need to create all the details on how you will implement strategies to accomplish your mission. Your strategic plan will be your game plan for how you will run your business, how you will strengthen your competitive position in your industry or location, how you will best satisfy your customers or clients and how you will achieve your performance targets you set up.

In creating your strategy, you will answer three big questions: Continue reading

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Are you a dietitian, nutritionist or coach in business for yourself but still not blogging? Did you know that every month over 329 MILLION people read blogs? This means that no matter what your excuse for putting it off, all I can say to you is STOP IT!

how to increase website trafficAlthough my marketing manager has always encouraged me to blog regularly and would show how doing so impacted my stats, there was a time a couple years ago that I just plain stopped.

Yep, that’s right. I stopped blogging for a full month.

And the following month, during my meeting with her, she was able to show me the devastating impact it had had on my site visits! No one was commenting, so I thought no one was reading.

How wrong I was! Continue reading

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Wellness professions such as dietitians and other allied health professionals collect nearly as much personal information about clients as physicians. This brings up an interesting point: What are your responsibilities for safeguarding their data? Do you have adequate protections for their financial information? What about their wellness information that strays into the healthcare arena? Continue reading

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When you own your own coaching or nutrition business, there are always things you really want to get done.

how to get more done in less timeGet done, Now.

With a family as well, your attention can be torn in multiple directions, which – no surprise here – can increase stress.

As your list of goals for the day or week continues to grow, so does the stress level, however. It is critical that we all set up some type of system to organize ourselves. Continue reading

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What would you say if I told you that collaborating with other businesses could make business EASY?

grow your business through networking eventsAre you collaborating with others? If not, how can you? Who would you like to work with, or share ideas or develop products or services with?

A few months ago, I realized I’ve been collaborating with others a lot this year. And I have to tell you it’s not only a lot of fun, but it sure makes things easier than doing it all on your own. Continue reading

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How often do you sign up for webinars, hear there are hundreds of people registered and wonder how they did it?

how to target your marketing to your ideal clientAre you a coach or dietitian trying to create YOUR compelling online presence and want to start offering virtual services, but are just a little overwhelmed about the whole thing?

Just imagine this: Continue reading

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Your best marketing comes from your gut.

Many coaches and dietitians in business think there’s a magic bullet when it comes to marketing.

how to do authentic marketingBut you know what? There isn’t. Good marketing all comes from your gut. It’s that feeling that you just KNOW. You know who your ideal client is – who you love to work with. You know what problems they struggle with, and are crystal clear what it is they want instead. And you love helping them.

That is gut-run marketing. Continue reading

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