Just about everyone I talk to today says “I think I have ADD. I can’t focus, I can’t get anything done. It’s just awful!” But we get talking, and what we find is that when they are out doing non-computer (or phone-) related activities, they calm down and relax.

productivity tools for business emailWhat’s going on, then? Why do more and more people feel they have ADD?

According to Jeffrey Freed of the book “Right-Brained Children in a Left-Brained World,” today we are suffering from what he calls “pseudo-ADD,” Which really is NOT ADD. Continue reading

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If you are a small business owner, you are likely the CEO, sales manager and janitor. You do everything. If you are successful enough to have employees, then you have to manage employees, too. At some point, you may need to let go of the reins and outsource some things so you can concentrate on your real job—expanding your company. Spend the money and free up your time with some simple business solutions: Continue reading

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I remember a coach telling me that every time she cleaned off her desk, she got a new client.

productivity tips for entrepreneursI strive to keep my desk clean all the time!

What does YOUR desk or workspace look like right now? Continue reading

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You’re trying to blog, but each time you sit down at the computer, your mind goes blank. And when you DO finally come up with something to write about, it turns into a day-long project!

Thus, you blog infrequently, if at all.

how to increase website trafficWhen I started working with my social media VA, Time on Task VA Services, the President, Kathy Colaiacovo told me that I had to blog at least twice a week, regularly.

Augh. I HATED it! I’d drag myself to the computer and force myself to write about SOMETHING!

Then one week, I stopped. Dug my feet in. Said “No more blogging!” After all, I figured no one was really reading them, because I NEVER get comments!

And I didn’t blog for a month. Continue reading

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You wake up stressed and rushed and feeling behind before your feet even hit the floor.

making lists to increase productivityTHEN you start thinking about how behind you feel.

Before your feet even hit the floor.

So, ok, because you have TOO much too do, let’s just focus on three things you can do right now to get things done.

Continue reading

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Our Master Success Coach, Lesli Koskela, just wrote two blogs on how to Maximize your Home Office Experience. Let’s face it, life is hectic, but when you are a home-based business, it can be even MORE hectic!

get more done working from homeBut, living with a hectic life can be managed.

We just sometimes don’t BELIEVE that’s the case. Continue reading

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Written by Lesli Koskela

Last time we looked at maximizing your home office space to help improve your effectiveness and productivity. These ideas have an added benefit – I’ve found that by taking these steps, my clients are more apt to find that happy place in life/work balance. This can be SUPER important as the boundaries between the two are often blurred in a home office setting. Unfortunately, the lack of boundaries often results in dissatisfaction, not meeting business objectives and burnout. Continue reading

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Written by Lesli Koskela

Lots of files
When you think of your home office, perhaps you imagine leisurely mornings meandering into your office in your comfy PJs and with a steamy cup of cocoa. Or getting the laundry done, cleaning up the breakfast plates, taking a stroll with your dog and meeting friends for a lunch date. The list of possibilities is endless!

Then reality hits. Continue reading

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Tomorrow is one of my days off. It will start with a great hike in the woods. I’ll then work two days and then am off again for the weekend.

live the life of your dreamsMany people look at me with astonishment when I tell them my tag line of “6 Figures a Year, 3 Days a Week.”

But it’s not as if I’m all about making 6 figures! What I AM about is making a difference in the lives of others, and holding myself as an example that you CAN make a good living AND have a life!

But I’ll tell you something critical: In order for me to be able to stick to my 3 day work-week, I HAVE to be organized, disciplined, and practice EXTREME FOCUS. Continue reading

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Everyone feels overwhelmed, rushed, uncertain, like there’s just too much…. well, too much of everything!

tips for avoiding overwhelmWhen you do a search for trends on Google Trends, you’ll see that overwhelm is an increasing trend, so it’s NOT just you.

How do you make life SIMPLE, then, when it all feels so HARD? Continue reading

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