Neil Gaiman, in his commencement speech at the University of the Arts said that every time life felt like work, he knew it was time for a change. Life is short and we’d better enjoy it while we’re here. He also said that he wishes he had heeded Stephen King’s advice many years earlier and had enjoyed the ride more along the way.

how to start a wellness businessI had a conversation with a client awhile back, and as she was stressing over making a major change to her business, I reminded her, “You know, growing your business will continue to be something you work on. That evolves. But meanwhile, life goes on. It really IS the journey, not the end that we have to keep in mind. Above it all, you have to LOVE what you do as well as enjoy life.”

But what does it take to remember to come back to enjoying life while growing a business? Continue reading

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Sunday night I watched the Oscars. It’s one of my favorite events, because it represents the culmination of hard work, a lot of tears, but overall, determination to master a craft. In their case, that craft is acting. If you’re a dietitian, personal trainer or wellness coach, how do you apply these lessons to your craft?

Keep your focus

There was a lot of resistance to the production of the movie Dallas Buyers Club. But Matthew McConaughey worked hard to get the story told. It took YEARS, though. And a lot of focus. Continue reading

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Last time I shared the 5 Essentials for growing a business for dietitians and wellness professionals. If you missed that, or think it’s still too much, these 3 tips might be easier for you.

How to create a nicheTip #1 – Clarify your big vision for your wellness business

Do you dream of hiring a staff of other dietitians one day? Or perhaps a team of wellness coaches, leaving you free to expand into other areas, or just take more time off?

Perhaps your dream is to build a multi-professional health center, consisting of a variety of wellness professionals and services.

Or maybe you would like to work from your virtual office, traveling the world. Or speaking around the country… or world.

Would you like to be busy, working 40-60 hours a week, six days a week, because you love what you do? Or would you like to make more money and work fewer hours?

By clarifying your vision, you can start to SEE what your business would look like. We need to see the end in sight in order to know what to build.

Tip #2 – Identify what health problems you solve

No matter what your ultimate vision is, you have to be clear who you want to most work with and what problems you’ll solve for them. I just had a conversation with a new client, and when I asked her what the bottom line was of what she was in the business of, she quickly said nutrition education. People will not BUY “nutrition education.” There’s no sexiness in “nutrition education.” What we finally narrowed her down to, however, was that she helps people gain better management of disease through diet. Her goal is to help them get off medications, or avoid having to go ON medications. THAT is something that can interest people.

What problems do YOU solve for people, and who are those people?

I actually have a tool to help you with this in my “7 Steps to 6 Figure Success” free report, which you can get by clicking here.

Tip #3 – Uncover how you will serve your wellness clients

Once you’re clear what your big vision is, and identify what problems you solve, you’re ready for the REAL fun! What products or services do you want to offer your clients or customers? Will these products or services be offered in a physical, in-person form, or will you offer them virtually? Or a combination of both?

Start with what you know. If you are used to seeing clients in person on a per visit basis, then create a ‘wellness’ starter package. If you’re used to the traditional model for coaching of month-to-month coaching, create that.

Then expand from there. Allow yourself to think beyond that (proverbial) box. Maybe create ebooks that walk people through their biggest problems. Something so affordable and compelling that they can’t NOT buy it. Perhaps it’s creating a 6-month program, where their most challenging health problems will be addressed, accepting that life is a series of ups and downs, not a series of visits to check progress.

Don’t stress over what you charge. You can always start low and raise your rates. When I first expanded into coaching, I offered to “beta test” coaching clients for an EXTREMELY low rate. It was great practice. But that was a long time ago.

Growing your nutrition or wellness business really can be easy.

We only TELL ourselves it’s hard. By following these three simple growth tips, you can start to see growth before you know it, yourself.

Come onto my Facebook page and share your progress with me,

Marjorie Geiser, MBA, RD, BCC
MEG Enterprises, Inc.

Are you still struggling with growing YOUR business? Then get the free report,”7 Steps to 6 Figure Success,” which will literally provide you with a step-by-step guide for identifying what problems you solve for your ideal clients, as well as other solutions to your business struggles.

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As a registered dietitian or other wellness professional, your expertise is in nutrition, fitness or wellness, not business. But in order to build a private practice or any successful wellness business, there are a few essentials you HAVE to be clear on.

marketing strategy for wellness entrepreneurs

#1 – Know who your “raving fan” wellness client is

I hear it all the time, “I don’t want to limit who I work with, because if I pick just ONE person as an ideal client, I won’t have enough work!

Actually, it’s just the opposite. If you market to everyone, no one is going to hear your message!

So, it’s critical that you narrow down who you just LOVE to work with! Continue reading

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I was just at the latest NSA Speakers Academy class and I heard the best quote ever: “Get your “ask” in gear”!

growing a 6 figure wellness practiceDoes it often seem that everyone is able to achieve the things you so badly want? Do you dream of making a huge difference for your wellness clients, yet find yourself holding back? Even when you know that by asking for what you want would help you GET it?

What does it mean by “get your “ask” in gear”? Continue reading

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I imagine you have a dream for your wellness business, but at times you’ve held yourself back from taking action you know you should, which holds back that dream.

How do you feel when you do that?

ideas for growing your wellness business in 2014Possibly like a failure. Like you aren’t really meant to enjoy the success you imagine. And that everyone else knows how to do it better than you!

Some people go through their entire lives afraid of taking actions that might fail. Some fail over and over again, but keep pushing on, because they have a dream they won’t let go of. Continue reading

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As a wellness professional, because you are an expert in your area of specialty, you feel you SHOULD be an expert on all aspects of your business. I know, because I used to feel the same way… for some reason.

work-life balance when working from homeBut running your business all by yourself is lonely!

In fact, Lilly Tomlin said, “Remember, we’re ALL in this alone!

But, working by yourself doesn’t make your business easier. Especially as women; we do better working with others.

Here’s the one biggest tip I could give you for making running your business easier: Continue reading

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The expenditure on attending health and wellness trade shows may not seem worth the effort, but keep in mind that most of the people attending are in executive or upper management positions. The benefits of attending trade shows don’t stop at simply making sales. The benefits can also include establishing partnerships with other businesses, networking, seeing innovations in your field, and building your reputation and brand awareness with the public, as ThomasNet highlights.

wellness professional trade show tips

The key to making the health and wellness trade shows a benefit to your business is taking the time, effort and investment to ensure it is a success. To see a solid return from attendance, you must start from the first day you get your packet to the follow-up after the event. Continue reading

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giving back by charging what you are worthDo you keep a to-do list each day or week so you keep your wellness business on track? I sure do. Every Monday. But too often, I’d end the week, and realize I hadn’t LOOKED at my list all week! And instead of it being a tool to help me stay on track and feel accomplished, it reminded me that I was NOT in control and I’d feel defeated and overwhelmed.

If this sounds like you, you have to apply this twist to YOUR to-do list from now on. Here are the steps that will help you end your week feeling proud and accomplished: Continue reading

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Ok, it’s the end of a hectic week, and you’re looking around, wondering what you accomplished this week…. AGAIN! You feel you spin your wheels, are EXTREMELY busy, but if someone asked you specifically WHAT you did, you couldn’t tell them!

get more done working from homeSound familiar?

Yea, this is extremely common.

Now, I could go into telling you what to do to gain more focus and clarity. And I do, and I WILL next week. But for now, I just have one suggestion for you:

Stop and take a break! Continue reading

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