Does being adventurous with your business scare you? Do you wonder if you have what it takes to strike out on your own, or take your business to the next level, without feeling sure of where the path takes you?

Neither Bilbo nor Frodo Baggins thought themselves as adventurous, yet they both did things that NO other Hobbits did, and it changed and enriched their lives forever. What can The Shire and Lord of the Rings teach us about business and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone? Continue reading

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I’m in Florida right now for two weeks, helping my sister with my mom. I was home one day before that, after speaking at a conference. And I was home less than two weeks before that, from three weeks in New Zealand.

I love to travel… BUT there’s a limit.

Today has been a particularly challenging day. On my ONE day home, I forgot to write my blogs, which I thought I’d quickly complete… yesterday. Whoops. Didn’t happen. We had to call the paramedics to come take my mom to the hospital. Didn’t see that one coming! But needless to say, that changed the schedule.

Then I thought it would be easy today to catch up on those blogs. But more family drama and other distractions got in the way.

So, what DO you do when you have to get things done, but you’re not? Continue reading

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When evaluating your wellness or fitness business, customer service is the single most important element; it will make or break you. Indifference is the leading reason people abandon their service providers. In fact, 68 percent of customers leave due to bad customer service, according to American Society for Quality and the Quality and Production Center.

how to go above and beyond in customer service

The health and wellness industry relies on exceptional customer service.

As your business grows, there are several aspects to consider for customer acquisition and retention. Continue reading

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I’ve been sharing business lessons gleamed from my 3-week trip to New Zealand over the last few weeks, and today I’d like to address the value of getting away, as lesson #4.

Lesson 4: Taking time away from business HELPS business. Continue reading

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While exploring New Zealand, my friend and I had a fabulous adventure! In my last blog about this adventure, I shared how we used focus and planning to stay alive while driving on the left hand side of the road.

But what I did NOT tell you was what it took from each of us, while the passenger, to keep from panicking while riding in the car. Continue reading

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While exploring New Zealand, my friend and I challenged ourselves in ways we hadn’t anticipated. Sure, we jumped out of airplanes, and climbed into caves (stay tuned for that adventure), but spending 3 weeks driving on the left side of the road brought on challenges all their own.
Continue reading

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I just got back from 3 weeks of exploring the land of New Zealand. It really was all fun! But there ARE some business lessons we can pull from this New Zealand adventure, and that’s what these next few blogs are going to be about, as I share my experiences with you, as well as fun stories to go along with it. Continue reading

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I just finished reading a fabulous book, “Talk Like TED: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds,” by Carmine Gallo. I recommend it to ANYONE who is in business, but especially if you give presentations or write.

ideas for small business marketing strategyI could write about all I learned, but possibly the most useful piece is the section about creating a Message Map. And here is what you do: Continue reading

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When you’re suffering from unlimited uncertainties about what to offer, what you want to do, who you want to work with, and just blindly move through the day, the cost is your business goes NOWHERE!

small business startup strategyI’ve met hundreds of entrepreneurs in this situation, with the syndrome of a messy head.

Let’s look at 3 steps you can take immediately to help you clear up YOUR “Messy Head Syndrome” so your business starts taking off in success. Continue reading

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As you read this, I’m about to complete a 3-week trip to New Zealand, and to say it’s been a blast would be an understatement!

But as I was deciding WHERE to go, before making the plans for this trip, I felt QUITE overwhelmed.

taking the right steps to start a new wellness practiceSo many places in the world to go! Which is the right decision?

I then realized that making this decision on where to go was much like many of the decisions we make in business every day. Let’s take a look at five of those decisions. Continue reading

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