So many dietitians, nutritionists and integrative and holistic health practitioners I speak to say they don’t want to make a LOT of money. They just want a nutrition business that provides them with fulfillment and can help change the health of those they work with.

how to overcome your fears and charge what you are worthBut why do they not want to make a lot of money? Well, there are several reasons, including;

  • They don’t want to be perceived as being ALL about the money,
  • They’re afraid if they get too busy, they won’t be able to manage the business AND enjoy their lives, at the same time,
  • It’s beyond their scope of belief that they CAN have it all!

Ok, those are the perceived downsides to making more money. What are the REAL downsides, then? Continue reading

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It’s been over 20 years since I’ve had a garden, but the former owners of our new house had one, so we took that as a sign, and started preparing the soil last fall. As a dietitian, I LOVE food. I no longer help others enjoy food and how it can help improve health (except my family, that is), but I will always be a nutrition professional.

business lessons from gardeningSo, here it is spring, and the garden is in full bloom. As I was working in it this morning, I thought to myself, “There are so many business lessons from this garden, I should write about them!

So here are just three. Continue reading

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Are you a Registered Dietitian in private practice, struggling to pay the bills? Do you feel you’re missing some link that, once figured out, will FINALLY get your nutrition business up and running, making it joyful, instead of a chore?

business lessons from the academy awardsIf so, you’re not alone: Many RDs are great at what they do, but they don’t know business, and many, in an effort to prove their worth to their clients, overwhelm them with information that, to THEM, seems simple.

But your client is overwhelmed! And when a nutrition client feels overwhelmed, they actually feel stupid. And if they leave your office feeling stupid, you will NOT see them back, because that feeling leads them to feel embarrassed.

How can you turn things around, so that not only are your clients successful, but you are, as well? Continue reading

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The key difference in a small nutrition business staying small or growing in size comes down to passion, vision, and a clear strategy of personal goals and the ability to adapt and be willing to invest in changes and invest in yourself.

ideas for growing your dietetics business in 2015Let’s take a look at few options to invest in, to take your business from start-up to thriving, and maybe even six- or seven-figure success. Continue reading

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Everywhere I go, more and more dietitians and nutrition entrepreneurs are saying they want to expand their online presence. Many want the freedom and increased visibility, others want a simpler lifestyle.

how to increase website trafficThe biggest question I hear is how do you expand your nutrition business online?

Probably the second biggest question is how to find clients once they’re online, but we’ll address that, below.

Here are the first four things ways to build a compelling online presence; Continue reading

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What happens when your nutrition business slows down? Do you panic, wondering how you’ll pay your bills? Does it stop your progression towards increased success, because you suddenly wonder if you really CAN take that next step?

Success for Wellness CoachesThat’s what I hear from people. Even when I talk to someone who is successful, she often is so fearful that the little success she sees won’t last, that she’s afraid to take a risk towards that next step of success.

You know; renting an office, or a larger location. Or purchasing something that is outside her comfort zone. Something like a new computer, or office desk or chair (mine was over $700!), or hiring a higher-end business coach to help you SERIOUSLY grow your business. Continue reading

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Let’s face it, we’re all busy today, which makes it challenging when you’re either starting or growing a business.

tips for wellness business successThen, just when you might think you have a handle on things, life throws you a curve ball!

You can either fall apart, or give up, or let distractions stop you in your tracks. Or, you can accept that this is part of life, and the distractions aren’t going to change, but YOU can change how you handle them.

Let’s take a look at what you can do when life gets in the way of business and you start to feel stressed about it. Continue reading

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Are you a registered dietitian nutritionist trying to start or grow a business? As THE business coach for dietitians and nutritionists, I’ve talked to a lot of nutrition entrepreneurs through the years, and I hear the same thing, over and over and over again:

nutrition business startup strategyIf you’re dreaming of starting a business, you might be thinking this; Continue reading

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In this week’s eblast, I shared a couple articles on the impact color has on our businesses. I find the psychology of color very fascinating and decided to learn more.

how to select business website colorsSeveral years ago, I had a very intensive color and style make-over, and I can still see the impact that wearing the right colors can have on my recordings and photographs. And as I study the impact of color on website design, I’m happy to know that my colors are the right ones for attracting my target audience.

It’s worth looking into for all aspects of your business, then. Continue reading

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I reserved the domain today. And although I knew the variety of extensions has been exponentially growing, I had no IDEA I could ALSO get triagefortasks.solution!

how to grow online businessSo the question is, how many url extensions are enough? Do you need them all? If the number of them expands, does it really mean you NEED them all?

I decided to go online to see what experts say. Continue reading

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