Taking a Stand as the Expert – Overcoming the Fraud FactorIt takes a team to make a successful wellness business buzz.

One of the most valuable things that has led to my success is working with a mentor on a regular basis, as well as having a team of people who are experts in what they do.

Helping clients learn how to create their team and how to delegate is part of this year’s Prosperity Secrets Platinum program.

If your wellness business is already up and running, who do you have on YOUR team? Here are the basic minimum needs for a wellness business to really get it up and buzzing with financial success.

1 – An assistant.
You should NOT be setting up your own newsletters, updating your website, or scheduling clients. Doing these tasks are costing you money! Be very clear what your needs are and what type of personality and strengths that person should have.

2 – A website designer.
Sure, when you start, doing it yourself is probably the easiest way to keep costs down. But as your business picks up, spending hours on what a website designer can do in minutes again costs you money. You want to find someone you can grow with, who learns to understand your vision and your services.

3 – A social media expert.
Today you can’t ignore blogging, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Add to that, now, Google+ and YouTube. And even as I type, there’s more! Not showing up on these sites means not showing up, and missing a LOT of opportunity to draw traffic to your website. Sure, it can be your assistant, but that takes away what the assistant has time to do. Finding someone specifically dedicated to this area can really increase your stats and your list.

4 – A Bookkeeper.
I’m not going to include an accountant, because that should be someone added to your team long ago. But the reason I mention a bookkeeper is because otherwise you find yourself trying to keep your financial books in order on your own, and this again costs you money. Your time should be spent on what you do, not what someone else does.

5 – A mentor/coach.
Although I have listed this last, this does NOT mean it’s least-important. It’s actually over-reaching, above all the support mentioned. A good mentor not only shows you how you can best incorporate all the strategies and business models that are out there, but also provides coaching to push you out of your comfort zone, and push you over the walls you build to hold you back. I have worked with coaches/mentors for over seven years, and I have to admit that I wouldn’t be earning a six-figure income if it wasn’t for that support.

Get your team in place, so you can take your business to the next level.

MEG Enterprises, Inc.

Do you want to take YOUR business to the next level, and don’t want to waste time making it happen? If you have an existing business, you might qualify for a single spot to work with Margie on an unlimited basis for the year. To sign up for a Diamond Strategy Session, click here.

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