I know you all can relate to this problem, because I’m always asked this question: “Where can I come up with blog ideas?”

I think the best BLOG on this (seriously) is “50 Can’t-Fail Techniques for Finding Great Blog Topics“, by Carol Tice. She hit the nail on the head when she commented on having to come up with new content week after week!

I’d like to pick just a few of Carol’s Techniques and elaborate on them.

Google Alerts. If you are NOT using this, yet, you definitely have to! It’s extremely easy to set up, and you can play with it. If you set up an alert that you find really is useless, you can remove it and try something different! I literally have my name set up. I had once blogged about a certain book I had read, and representatives of the authors contacted me to see if I’d like a free copy of their NEW book! How did they know I commented on their book? Google Alerts!

Think about pain. I love this one, because I’m always working with clients on this area in order to help them learn how to effectively reach and get clients. Pick just one topic. For me, it could be time management, or feeling overwhelmed. You see this in my blogs quite often, in fact.

Write a sequel. I do quite often! What I hadn’t thought of doing, which Carol suggests, though, is to link to the previous blog in the current blog.

Take a walk and take a day off. If you read my blogs, you KNOW I do both! What I love about my hikes is the creativity that comes my way as a result. And the same is the case when taking days off. We cannot continue to be creative and passionate if we wear ourselves down.

Do a book or product review. I had mentioned, above, about commenting about a book in a previous blog (see; I’m linking to that older blog!). As a result, this can help accomplish one goal most blogs really strive for: readers and comments!

Recruit guest bloggers. Again, this is a great strategy for growing your blog followers. Plus, it takes some of the pressure off of you, too!

This leads me to challenge YOU to do two things: Definitely read Carol’s list, and then get out there and write your blog!



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4 Responses to Finding the right blog topics

  1. Carol Tice says:

    Wow, thanks for the rave, Meg! Glad you found the list useful.

  2. Cheryl heppard says:

    Great suggestions for finding blog inspiration! I carry around a notebook so i can jot down ideas on the fly.

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